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Duration: 1 day
06:30 Collection near the railway station Tashkent Central.
07:30 Departure to Samarkand by Afrosiab high speed train
09:40 Arrival in Samarkand, the capital of Tamerlane's empire. Boarding the bus where the guide will be waiting for you.
Registan Square, the ensemble of which includes Tilla-Kari Madrasah, Ulugbek Madrasah, Sherdor Madrasa. The main square of Samarkand.
Gur Emir - the mausoleum of Tamerlane and his family.
Bibi Khanum is a grand mosque built in honor of Tamerlan’s beloved wife.
Lunch at the cafe.
The Ulugbek Observatory is one of the most significant observatories of the Middle Ages, built by Ulugbek on the Kukhak hill near Samarkand in 1424-1428. Working in it, Ulugbek created many great works about the stars.
The museum of the history of Samarkand "Afrosiab" is dedicated to the history of the city of Samarkand and its surroundings. The museum building is located in the northeastern part of the city, near the ancient settlement of Afrasiab, which is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world.
Next, take the bus to the railway station of Samarkand, where our informative tour ends. Return to Tashkent by Afrosiab high-speed train (17:30 - 19:40)


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