Samarkand wine factory named after Khovrenko

Samarkand wine factory named after Khovrenko was formed in 1868 by a trade entrepreneur D.L. Filatov. In 1870, an experienced vineyard was established for the first time in a small area in a small area, mainly with local varieties and a small number of European grape varieties. Currently, the company produces 22 types of vodka and alcoholic beverage products, 11 types of grape wine, 6 types of brandy in the following product range:

grape wines:

1) dry: “Rkatsiteli”, “Saperavi”, “Bayan-Shirey”

2) semi-sweet: "Cabernet"

3) fortified: port "Uzbekistan", port 53

4) dessert vintage: “Shirin”, “Aleatiko”, “Uzbekistan”, “Gulya-Kandoz”

5) dessert ordinary: "Tokay", "Cahors"

6) cognacs (brandy): "Tilla-Kory", "Samarkand", "Sher-Dor", "Filatov", "Old Samarkand"

vodka and alcoholic beverages:

“Cranes”, “Marokand”, balsam “Samarkand”, “Legend of Samarkand”, “Samarkand”, “Magnat”, “Clear Lake”, “Vipclub”, “Luxe”, etc.

In addition, the plant has a unique collection of wines laid down by the founder of the company since 1913.

of the year. The collection consists of 10,000 copies, the cost of each of which exceeds $ 100.